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The box-shaped design effectively increases the stability and anti-torque, can stand higher string tension. 

The NANO TEC technology works by evenly distributing nano-sized particles in the vacant space between carbon fiber bundles, this highly increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composite fibers, and reduces the distortion of the frame.

The single-pass grommet hole construction creates less friction between strings, this effectively reduces tension loss, while extending string life.

Core shell rubber is used to cover the epoxy resins to build resilience and protection.
Core shell rubber is added into carbon fiber and the foam materials used to fill the frame, which not only increases the extension strength of carbon fiber, but also improves the resilience. The Foamex turns much more compacted during the foaming process, and possesses with better shock absorption once the foaming is done.

Shaft Material

High Modulus Graphite+Nano Resin+6.8 SHAFT

Frame Material

High Modulus Graphite + Nano Resin + CSR

String tension LBS

H≤ 27 lbs, V≤ 25 lbs
H≤ 25 lbs, V≤ 23 lbs

Weight / Grip Size









Racket Response Indicator: