ARS-3030: Matching speed and your budget in one


The Speed rackets have always been a signature of VICTOR, with the two popular Jetspeed and Auraspeed series launched and innovated. This time, for those who may worry about the budget or high entry barrier, VICTOR is releasing the new Auraspeed 3030 to fulfill speed and your doubt in one.



Retaining the characteristics of Speed series, Auraspeed 3030 is light with high resilience performance. With the application of AERODYNAMIC technology, the elliptically-shaped frame could decrease air-resistance, provide higher anti-torque and thus maximize control of each hit. Moreover, it facilitates faster swing, allowing key opportunities to be grasped.



As professional Speed rackets are mostly made by graphite, Auraspeed 3030 is also equipped with this high-end material to achieve lightweight, great stability and elasticity, but with an affordable price. This is VICTOR's revolutionary step to launch the most economical speed series racket.



Under current situation, outdoor activities have become more and more popular. Providing with two colors, Auraspeed 3030 is also your best choice to join AirBadminton with your families and friends. With Auraspeed 3030 and AS Shuttle, it is no longer costly or inaccessible to enjoy badminton.

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