An Overall Review on the Evolution of SH-A930

Text / VICTOR R&D Lab

Since the launch of SH-A920 last season, VICTOR has received a lot of positive feedback from professional players all around the world, most of which focuses on its unique covering effect and innovative NEO DUPLEX double-wedge structure midsole. To seize the opportunity, VICTOR now introduces the latest All-around badminton shoes engineered with NEO DUPLEX—SH-A930. It’s time to discover its uniqueness.

The extraordinary appearance of SH-A930 is always the first thing that catches people’s eyes. The details on the upper are especially worth noting. The soft microfiber PU leather integrated with NO-SEW technology creates a visual sense of stability. What’s more, the coordination between the LS-S design on the sole and NEO DUPLEX double-wedge structure midsole also achieves an overall stability.


This summer, SH-A930 is going to be a star on the court with its amazing resilience, stability, style and functions.



Upgraded resilient and stable upper:

The functional upper is worth more attention than the appearance. Microfiber PU leather is used to carry out greater softness and comfort, and to further improve the durability. The seamless technique and twin-sewed toe cap provide additional strength. With the abovementioned technologies, SH-A930 can provide players with ultimate comfort and close-fittingness, as well as a complete upper support during fast movement.




Exclusive shock-absorbing sole:

Apart from the upper functions, shoe soles are another element that determines a player’s performance. In order to achieve both shock absorption and controllability, SH-A930 is equipped with NEO DUPLEX double-wedge structure midsole angled at 7º conforming to kinematics and biomechanics. This design can help cushion the impact during strides and lateral movement, making heel striking and forefoot bouncing much smoother. Last but not least, the lateral stability design on the forefoot is also a significant feature. With the overall protection on SH-A930, players can now be more concentrated on the court with speed, stability and comfort.


V-DURABLE toe caps:

Considering that the inner top caps are easy to wear, SH-A930 adopts KPU to increase the durability by 8 times comparing to conventional PU leather. SH-A930 can take on the challenge from any kind of badminton court with superior durability.



Extra ankle support:

Both the inner and outer sides of the heels are outfitted with TPU. The covering extends from the heels to eyelets, not only stabilizing the ankle, but also keeping the agility during fast movement.


Wraparound ventilated covering:

Thepunched outer shoe body and ventilated mesh on the inner side can reduce the humanity when wearing. The TPU technology, in particular, can improve both ventilation and support, providing an overall covering when the laces are tightened.


NEO DUPLEX double-wedge structure midsole and the brand new upper make SH-A930 a pair of awesome shoes not to be missed. SH-A930’s unique appearance and outstanding performance are definitely going to help all the players dominate the court!



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