Three types of badminton racket

VICTOR has released three ways to classify the racket. SPEED, POWER and ALL-AROUND. Together with the racket cross-coordinate map (HEAVY, LIGHT, BOUNCE and CONTROL), player can precisely select the racket that best suits their needs according to playing style, habits and requirements.

What the three racket types?

POWER, SPEED,ALL-AROUND; different to the past when racket functionality was the starting point for racket classification design, this time VICTOR has classified rackets according to the requirements of users with regards to different playing styles and strategies; in the future, corresponding rackets will be designed in accordance with the characteristics of these three types of racket.

Deliver lethal smashes to win
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Precision, control the situation

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Speed is the first step to victory
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After getting to know VICTOR’s three racket types, you are sure to now know how to choose the “weapon” that best suits you to take into battle on court. Visit now to choose a racket that will help you win!


The Response Indicator is classified into 10 levels which shows on the racket’s shaft. The dot closes left side with stiff response, while right side with flexible response.

Please note that the difference in the 10 levels refers to the comparison “between rackets of the same type.” The benchmark for measuring rackets of different types is different so their Response index value can’t be compared.

For example

1. The Response index value of the Speed type racket JETSPEED S 9 is 8 (We call the far left position on the indicator which provides the stiffest response “10” here), while BRAVE SWORD 12 Light of the same type is 6, so JETSPEED S 9 is stiffer than BRAVE SWORD 12 Light.
>> This is the correct comparison method
2. Speed type racket JETSPEED S 9 has a Response index value of 8 while Power type racket THRUSTER K 9000 has a value of 9, so JETSPEED S 9 is more flexible than THRUSTER K 9000 when used in play.
>> This is an incorrect comparison method because JETSPEED S 9 and THRUSTER K 9000 are different types of racket so can’t be compared.

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