Racket bag type introduction

The number of rackets we want to carry, what equipment we want to take with us when we play, the bag type, size, appearance and price…all are deciding factors when we buy a racket bag. VICTOR has taken into account the needs of every badminton player and brougth out five different racket bag series so everyone can choose a bag that matches their own needs and style. VICTOR’s five racket series are introduced below to help everyone easily select the bag that is just right for their needs!


Mainly for VICTOR’s sponsored payers and national team
members. The styles in the VICTOR SUPREME
series have a very fashionable Cross-facial design,
studs on the bottom to protect the bag and are made
of shiny PU synthetic leather. As well as using quality
material and innovative design, the manufacturing
process is meticulous, with strict requirements for every
detail. This bag series suits players who want a bag that looks
good and has a quality feel but is also professional.


PRO series bags meet all VICTOR’s requirements of
a professional racket bag. The series has a number of
styles, the bags both functional and high quality;high
quality material is used and the practical usefullness
and completeness of the storage function is the key
factor that makes consumers regard the bags in this
series as having high C/P value. If you want a functional
bag, a PRO series bag is right for you. The represen-
tative styles are:


TEAM series bags have the basic funtions needed by a racket bag.The special feature of the bags in the series are the clean cutting;practical, abrasion resistant material is used to make the bags more durable. If you like a simple style and want to enjoy the game in a relaxed way you will like the TEAM series. The representative style are:


VIBRANT series are the products of VICTOR designers playing
with design. Different to traditional racket bags, a quality feel
is emphasized and fashion elements added. The series
offers a variety of choices. The bold colors also
add vitality to the bags. Young, passionate,
energetic players who want to be different to
the rest will like the bags in this series.The
representative style are:


The bags in the ADD-ON series are practical accessories. These small accessory bags designed by VICTOR designers are convenient to carry and use. If you want to store things in your racket bag in an orderly way and be able to easily take out the small things you need, then use ADD-ON series accessory bags. The representative style are: