Are you struggling with the weight of your rackets? Or are you not satisfied with the low tension of your rackets? We hear you! This time, we are launching 5 different rackets for Power, Speed and All-round players. What they all have in common? They are all super light with high tension guaranteed.

For Power players, maneuverability and smashing is what you are looking for. Specially designed for you, TK-06L and TK-07L have a heavier head, combined with the light weight and higher tension, they allow players to strike out more powerful attacks with a lightning speed.

For Speed players, fast and proficiency is everything. On top of the already light weight and higher tension, VICTOR managed to come up with rackets with a lighter head: BRS-50L and BRS-55L. With these two rackets on hand, even the trickiest angle can no longer pose a threat to you.

For All-round players, we present to you the HX-063. Light weight, higher tension, and perfectly balanced, it can change swiftly between offense and defense, giving your opponent a constant surprise.

No matter you're a Power, Speed or All-round player, with these light weight and high tension rackets, you can perform even better on the courts and in the games! Check them out on https://www.victorsport.in/ or the closest store around you. Your heartfelt wishes? VICTOR deliver!