HX-020 + VBS-63 The Optimal Set for Precision


VICTOR HX-020 is an easy-to-manage high-tension racket presented in an eye-catching and refreshing sky-blue tone to echo its signature fast and agile swings. It is equipped with VBS-63, a thin, highly resilient and endurable string that enhances precision and controllability for better placement.
HX-020 is a well-balanced racket especially suitable for players who are in for controllability. VBS-63 is the perfect string that compliments the racket by enhancing both performances in attack and control. Being the thinnest string among VICTOR’s string series, VBS-63 features a crispy hitting sound and outstanding resilience. It is wrapped with high-strength nylon fiber of high resilience and durability to achieve a comfortable hitting feel. It is highly recommended to control-type players pursuing good placement.
Get yourself a VICTOR’s set for precision: HX-020 in collaboration with VBS-63, the controlling power that determines victory and defeat. 
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