[email protected] Optimal Shock Absorption Launched


Have you ever wished to own a pair of fabulous-looking badminton footwear that is also highly functional? [email protected] is the one you’ve been looking for! 


To cater to the wide-width foot shapes that are common in India, VICTOR’s [email protected] is a tailor-made footwear of excellent shock absorption. Its wide-width shoe shape keeps the foot comfortable while the Nylon Sheet enhances anti-torsion capacity to protect the arch. The heel is equipped with ENERGYMAX that absorbs shock and provides stability to effective ease the pressure on the foot during intense badminton movements.


VICTOR’s unique ENERGYMAX is highly resilient, durable and non-deforming. It offers support and stability to the foot in action. Energy waste is effectively reduced to enable prompt movements. Last but not least, [email protected] comes in three designs to match with your personal style! 

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