The distinguishing footwear with great price-quality ratio

An Introduction to A730

by Johan, VICTOR Footwear Product R&D

With specialized R&D team and years of experiences collaborating with top international players, VICTOR has already launched a series of professional badminton footwear including S81, A960, P9200, P9300, etc. Product classification is also in place, labeling footwear with features of speed, all-round and stability. To provide consumers with more professional and diverse options, a variety of shoe lasts are developed as well, which include the U-SHAPE, V-SHAPE, female-dedicated and children-dedicated lasts. Meanwhile, for different functions like competition, amateur training and leisure practices, consumers can also choose their desired footwear from a three-tier price range. With the global emergence of fast fashion that emphasizes affordability as well as substance, consumers are increasingly seeking for decent products of great price-quality ratio. In light of the special demand, VICTOR is introducing A730, a mid-priced footwear which is great value for money.


A730 is a mid-priced all-round type badminton footwear with a U-SHAPE 2.5.

A730 features a streamlined and simple design with layers. The sole is made with semi-transparent rubber, an innovative application that secures the anti-slip and endurable functions which are key to professional badminton footwear. Meanwhile, it is 4 to 6% lighter than traditionally used crude rubber, and it actually gives it a refreshing look. Carbon fiber stabilizing casing is largely equipped at the arc to offer superb stability and support to the foot. As for the midsole, excellent comfortability is guaranteed with the elastic EVA material and a shock absorbing heel cushion. In addition, LS-S technology and TPU offers incredible stability to the forefoot. The shoe vamp is made of high quality PU adorned with a classy metallic glow which is also breathable. The TPU design at the heel enhances stability and coverage. The PU inner toe is abrasion resistant, which further enhances vamp endurability.



The above mentioned features of A730 simply explain what a heartening footwear it is being both functional and good-looking. Get your A730 now!