P9500JR: Be the coolest pair on court with your Family matching Outfit


Following the launch of the all-new stability footwear P9500, VICTOR is now bringing out the kids version --- P9500JR for children. 

With the application of ENERGYMAX,the shoes provides excellent durability, strength, and retains its shape well. The high elasticity shock absorbing material helps reduce momentum loss and redirect the momentum towards the next direction. To improve the breathability for long-time wearing, a unique breathing mesh layer is used to increase ventilation and facilitate the heat dissipation. Most importantly, the radiation pattern on the sole provides more grip on the court during lateral and vertical movements.


Coming in the trendy color of Electric Blue, P9500JR is the perfect choice which could not only provide comprehensive protection and comfort to children’s feet, but also turn the family into the most stylish icon on the court. Get P9500 and P9500JR as your parent-child outfit and become the coolest pair on court.

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