ARS-90S has turned a new leaf for AURASPEED series and amazed many badminton enthusiasts. ARS-90K, the latest member of AURASPEED series, is not only equivalently incredible in every way, but also taking the series to a whole new level. ARS-90K is the newly-launched attack-oriented racket in AURASPEED series, with racket frame built with DYNAMIC-SWORD structure to enable powerful shots. The reconfigured head even further helps solid and robust smashes, and the shaft is also engineered with brand-new technology to enhance the sense of speed. ARS-90K has incredible swiftness, speed, and power rolled into one—a truly mighty weapon on the badminton court.


Proudly introducing ARS-90K



【STREET RACER】well describes ARS-90K’s fast and powerful, constant attacks on the badminton court. Balanced physical property and the highly anti-torsion shaft further create stable and forceful handling experience when delivering fast swing.


ARS-90K Frame Technology


ARS-90K inherits the DYNAMIC-SWORD frame structure from ARS-90S and further makes adjustment to the sword structure in different directions. Now the swings can be smoother, faster, and downward shot is more effortless. To achieve both speed and agility, the frame is also designed with a big head and new NANO FORTIFY TR+ technology, and hence delivers lightweightness and sturdiness.


ARS-90K Shaft Technology


The perfect combination of WES and ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM delivers excellent handling experience and elasticity, enabling powerful attack with incredible stability.


ARS-90K brings whole new wxperience


Compared to ARS-90S, ARS-90K has a heavier head and softer shaft, making it easier to make continuous fast and sturdy shots with great controllability and accuracy. It has the advantages from both Speed and Attack series. Many of the players from Malaysia and Denmark national teams have already chosen ARS-90K as their match rackets to prepare for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Danish star Anders Antonsen took the lead to use ARS-90K at the European Games 2019 in Minsk and won the men's singles gold medal.


Anders Antonsen's equipment at European Games


ARS-90K Feedback

Structure, technology, and material—the revolutionary three-in-one combination has made ARS-90K possible as the most aggressive Speed racket ever.

1. Material-a new generation of elastic fiber, resilient and strong.

2. Frame-adopting DYNAMIC-SWORD structure used in ARS-90S, making swings easy and fast.

3. Shaft-when returning the shot, better anti-torsion performance enables greater stability, providing fast rebound and tricky angle to hit, making attack shots continuous and aggressive.

【ARS-90K】is introduced with ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM and Double Rebound Points Technology, making it the best suit for fast style players!【STREET RACER】!