SPRINT around the court in new VICTOR shoes


When buying sportswear, are you stuck in the dilemma of choosing between safety and speed? Or, are you afraid to stumble because of the light weight? SPRINT, an ultimate revolution of the classic badminton shoes, is the solution for you.



The special designed RADIATION sole pattern greatly enhances grip and slip resistance. Combined with the LS-S horizontal stability system, SPRINT offers an all-round safety and stability in tense match.



In addition, VICTOR also manages to add in a unique BREATHING cloth, which is made with air-permeable fabrics that allow heat inside to pass through easily, helping your feet stay comfortable.



Moreover, exclusively-developed ENERGYMAX insole is highly persistent and non-deforming. It can absorb shock and provide stability to effectively ease the pressure on the foot, and the energy waste can be effectively reduced to ena-ble prompt movements.



Last but not least, SPRINT comes in two classic appearances, allowing you to express your true self in the games!