Relaunching the forceful high pound full carbon racket - ARROW POWER


VICTOR ARROW POWER is a series of durable 35-pound rackets that not only feature easy handling but forceful and efficient attacking capability. Consisting of AP-990, AP-8000, AP-8800 and AP-9900, each racket of the series varies in style.


AP-990 is presented in an elegant purple and black design; AP-8000 features a unique collaboration of cardinal red and black, which appears solemn and sophisticated; AP-8800, on the other hand, gives a vigorous vibe with large coverage of red complemented by bits of yellow and black; Last but not least, AP-9900 signifies a tiger’s fierceness in the distinct pattern of Prussian blue and orange. 


On top of ARROW POWER’s outstanding forcefulness for attack, the series is now upgraded with a creative touch of vivid colors, allowing players to express their personal characteristics! 


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