The distinguishing footwear with great price-quality ratio (II)

An Introduction to A610 II

by Johan, VICTOR Footwear Product R&D

In addition to the previously introduced footwear of great value for money, here’s another mid-priced recommendation for you, A610II, an upgraded version of VICTOR’s best-selling mid-priced footwear launched in 2015, A610.

A610II is a mid-priced all-round type badminton footwear with a U-SHAPE 2.5 Upgraded with a n iteration design, A610II it is the successor of the incredibly popular footwear A610 which sold like hot cakes. It is equipped with an anti-slip and endurable sole made of crude rubber. High-strength composite material is used at the arc to ensure fine anti-torsion and stability performance. Excellent elasticity and shock absorbance at the midsole is ensured with the elastic EVA material and a shock absorbing heel cushion. The shoe vamp design is based on PU and complimenting TPU that offers decent comfort and coverage. You will definitely like it.

Image:A610II Crude rubber sole and high-strength composite material

Image:A610II Shoe vamp TPU design

VICTOR is offering mid-priced products of great value for money to ensure that consumers can still enjoy high quality and visually stunning badminton footwear with a limited budget. The goal is to help facilitate the good habit of exercising. Try them on at the nearest VICTOR retailer available in your city, and you shall experience VICTOR’s genuine endeavor in providing you with the best.